AnyTrans IOS For Windows X32/64 For Free Cracked Patch

AnyTrans iOS Download Cracked Version With Keygen

AnyTrans iOS Download Cracked Version With Keygen

Features of AnyTrans:

  • Organize all your iDevices photos, videos, music, voice memos, SMS and more in one place.
  • Copy or move the photos, videos, voice memos, SMS and more files from any iOS devices.
  • Use AnyTrans to backup photos, videos, music, voice memos, SMS and more files from any iOS devices.
  • Choose to only copy some parts of files from any iOS devices.
  • Merge data from multiple iOS devices into new iOS devices.
  • Exclude some content on iOS devices.
  • Copy a large amount of data from any iOS devices.
  • Use AnyTrans to transfer contacts, messages, app data, voice memos, phone calls, Safari history, photos, videos and movies from any iOS devices.
  • Moreā€¦

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How it works:

  • Copy the content from your old iPhone to new iPhone.
  • Select a few content you want to move.
  • Copy or move the selected content from your old iPhone.
  • Enjoy. AnyTrans supports iPhone 4s and later.
  • Work with an iPhone Backup Assistant.

Protect your apps, photos, messages, and more, is a must-have for every iOS user, but making backups regularly is not that easy yes, we know how hard it is. Now, AnyTrans takes over the painful yet vital job. You dont need to do anything, not even take your iPhone out of pocket. All your photos, messages, app data, and more essential data and files will be backed up automatically, wirelessly, and securely on your computer with your permission. Never worry about losing anything important again.

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Start from version 8.8.3, AnyTrans for iOS fully supports iOS 9.2 as well as the 2018 iPad Pro model. There are no ads and no limitations. The easiest and most comprehensive app sync solution. Just like iTunes, you can drag files into AnyTrans to transfer them between iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, and Computer.

Want to consolidate several files or folders into a single file or single folder? No problem. Just drag them into the folder and then drag them out. No matter how many files, folders, photos or videos you need to transfer. For more iOS safety and reliability. Now with iPhone and iPad support to the safest, fastest and most intuitive app synchronization. Install AnyTrans on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes or Computer easily. Then you can turn on the fast data transmission mode and copy files in a very short time.

The most powerful data transfer solution for Android user to make the switch to iOS for more convenience. Now you can use as many as ten file boxes to import data from iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod and iCloud backup in a flash. Sync any data between iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes, iCloud or computer. AnyTrans breaks the sync boundaries to ensure that all the data and files you need can be transferred and transferred.

Upgrade to Download AnyTrans iOS For Free to enjoy more features for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, computer and the computer. If you are an iTunes user, there are some features that can not be ignored. You can also install AnyTrans on Android phones. “Sync” data between the computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCloud backup and data on the computer. And it is easy to backup the iPhone and iPad to iCloud. You can enjoy the fun things you do with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer on One mobile device. And you can also transfer data to/from the computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and Cloud.

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AnyTrans iOS Review

AnyTrans License Key helps to find the most perfect software that is compatible with your iPhone. Download Apps For Iphone And Restore IOS 9 On iPhone And Find Your Music On IOS 7. AnyTrans lets you convert the iPhone to the Mac or iPhone/iPad to PC easily. It converts videos and ringtones between the iPhone and the Mac. Put all your important or general information in the first place and feel free to manage it anytime.

AnyTrans License Key helps you manage music on your iPhone with any format. AnyTrans is the best converters between the iPhone and iPad that can make your iPhone like an iPad. With AnyTrans, you can easily check your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch version, reset all to factory settings, in addition to managing your iPhone/iPad. AnyTrans makes sure that your iPhone and your device run well. AnyTrans provides a powerful remote management function for all your devices. Just download and install AnyTrans to manage your entire iPhone.

Its available for all iOS device users worldwide. You can easily convert videos on iPhone and you can download movies for iPhone using AnyTrans. The program supports the iCloud, just import music to it and it can play all the music on your Apple device.

Before the installation of AnyTrans can begin, you need to prepare the iTunes account login data, and its easy to do: Go to the App Store, select the third-party download icon and enter the login data. Click on the green button next to the word “Install”, and then accept the Terms and Conditions.

AnyTrans is an application that can help you transfer photo and videos from the iPhone to the computer or Mac computer. It can help you find music and ringtones from the iPhone to the computer. Many people love to transfer photos between two devices with any software. Now the program allows users to copy photos, videos and playlists between IOS and PC with ease. AnyTrans has the function to use a computer to transfer photos, videos, ringtones, voice memos, games and other types of files from the iPhone or iPad. You can easily export photos of the iPad to a computer with AnyTrans. You can save the data, play and delete videos on the iPhone with the help of AnyTrans. You can easily transfer photos, videos, games and ringtones, music and more between your iPad and iPhone or iPod touch without installing anything else. The transfer path is the same as the default ones you used. These apps are harmless and safe to use as long as you work the steps carefully.

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AnyTrans iOS Features

AnyTrans iOS Features

  • Fix iPhone backup files failed to be copied to iTunes
  • Support modifying photos and videos for iOS 8
  • Support Safari reading mode
  • Updated Design
  • Sign in profile by Google, Facebook, Apple, AliPay

AnyTrans iOS System Requirements

  • OS X: 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8
  • iOS: 8.0/8.1
  • iPad: iOS 8.4

AnyTrans iOS Serial Number

  • 75C8P-QB351-0WW1B-Z162C-YP36C-AKOSH
  • QJJ0N-T5SQY-1N8BS-GKMQJ-2N606-P4093

AnyTrans iOS Activation Key


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