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Boost the look of your renderings quickly and easily with MAXONs CineRender / Redshift*, built right in to Archicad. Based on Maxons highly acclaimed high-end render engine, Redshifts / CineRenders basic settings create quality renderings suitable for most projects. Customize the settings and advance your rendering skills to even greater heights.

Take advantage of your existing skill set or skill development time to contribute to the professional Archicad community. Help us by submitting bugs, and ask your question on .

CAD standards and compatibility are constantly evolving and Archicad is designed to support and adapt to those changes. Going hand in hand, we continue to develop Archicad based on the latest CAD standards and compatibility specifications.

If you want to get Archicad and its BIMx Module in your hands, get it now from and also keep in mind that is only available in the US, Canada, Germany, UK and other selected countries.

ArchiCAD is the world’s most advanced BIM software. What’s in a name? The name, ArchiCAD, is actually a bit misleading. It would be more accurate to call it a BIM authoring platform, as that’s what it does best. Anyone can create BIM models using the ArchiCAD design environment, and it’s the best tool on the market for architects to create their detailed, algorithmic building models. It’s easy to use and easy to learn, and it does an outstanding job of organizing your design ideas into nice, easy-to-follow processes.

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Get more control over your blocks and speed up the design process with a new block production workflow. Archicad Dynamic Blocks are a great way to quickly and efficiently design large areas of repetitive and similar elements. Design sets of Dynamic Blocks and use them to quickly create a variety of repetitive elements. Dynamic Blocks can be used to automatically create columns, spans, beams, or other Archicad Blocks.

Spend less time creating reusable blocks and more time creating more detailed elements like windows and doors with ArchiCADs new Design Blocks! Create complex Building Elements directly from within the Editor and customize properties, properties and properties. Design and create more detailed Building Elements like Windows and Doors with Archicads new Design Blocks!

BIMx now helps you collaborate more smoothly with increased modal chat options and the ability to run the same model simultaneously in multiple modes. View your models in ArchiCADs new Bluebeam Connected mode for a more streamlined design process.

You can now organize and customize your 3D models using an entirely new way of working, by creating and arranging layers. Layer functionality can be used for anything from breaking up large 3D models into smaller file sizes, to automatically placing, zooming, rotating, and scaling layers in Archicad to represent realistic building construction in your model.

You can now add text properties to your ArchiCAD Part objects in a quick and simple manner. No longer are text layers forced to be added as “Layers” – text properties can be attached to your Part using the Inspector. This greatly improves object reuse and overall model creation efficiency.

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What is ArchiCAD 26.3010?

What is ArchiCAD 26.3010?

In this module, you will learn how to create, open, and edit information in the Archicad Model. You will also learn how to save and organize your models, along with how to share them with others.

Feel a bit lost trying to unearth the many components of your project? Archicad can help you to keep track of the big picture. Make notes directly on the projects with the notes panel and use dynamic filters to filter your projects by note type, project status, or even by project member. As a result, you will manage and follow your projects more effectively.

Categories are your archiving tool for all files in Archicad. Using this feature, you can assign a category to all the common files types to get access to them easily. If the file matches multiple criteria, you can quickly find it and attach it with just a few clicks.

The need to provide data confidentiality and access control is an integral part of a project management tool. Archicad provides easy-to-use security measures to ensure the integrity of your asset data. Use the Asset Policy and Access Policy to get the best of these features.

The native integration with AECO makes Crack For ArchiCAD a game-changer. You can save your time at the planning stage by sharing 3D model data with them in a single click. With just a few clicks, you will start working on your project using your in-depth knowledge of the project with them from the comfort of your favorite workspace.

The newly designed interface ensures a delightful user experience, and a new user can be up and running with just a few clicks. You will find the tools you need in Archicad and get to work with ease. The new Navigator makes it easy to filter your Models, Markups and Data collection and the new Project Manager helps you keep track of your projects easily.

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ArchiCAD 26.3010 Features

  • Make live synchronization easier and faster
  • Export and import Revit and Archicad Projects
  • Simple workflow to use with Archicad Apps and Fusion Apps
  • Receive Revit and Archicad model content from a Nucleus Server
  • Live synchronization from a Nucleus Server to a local Archicad Server

What’s new in ArchiCAD 26.3010

What's new in ArchiCAD 26.3010

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, requires Bimx 10.10 or later
  • Compatibility with new style of ArchiCAD File Format
  • New: Optional support of AIX Bimx format (experimental)
  • New: New User Interface Style
  • New: Interactive toolbox
  • New: 2D Tiles Tool
  • New: New evaluation panel style
  • New: Auto-finish panel style
  • New: Project history panel style
  • New: Time history
  • New: External Service – Share and Scale
  • New: Custom Charts
  • New: Improve the UI/UX
  • New: Improve the printing
  • New: Support FBX export
  • New: Support PDF export
  • New: Support ARJ, STL, PDF, 3DPDF export

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