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We are pleased to announce our newest product line, ArtMoney Series. This program provides artists and art dealers with a way to sell individual artworks to people all over the world. Art money was made because people are constantly seeking new ways to treat art as artwork. artmoney has always been a way of people enjoying their artwork by getting rid of their money and becoming art! This is how it works! Create a profile with personal artworks and your artmoney address and you will receive 10 random payments over a 10 month period. The money arrives in either one or two checks at your doorstep! Create your own Art Money series today!

This is a really unique project to have ever existed on the art scene. It brings a new sound to the art world and a new concept to people. ArtMoney is the first currency ever to be tied to a digital token. By design it is not a cash product, but a non-monetary currency. Also, it is the first virtual currency that is tied to a physical product. That means, it is impossible to take it out, it is physical and tangible. That means that people own it, they keep it in their homes, in their office, in their car. They own it, they can buy and sell their art. ArtMoney is the beginning of an art trading business that is tied to a currency that is independent of a store or bank. It is virtual and it becomes real. ArtMoney creates a new art currency. The most convenient in the world.

It is a wonderful new way to sell art. ArtMoney allows artists to have access to a new audience that is not necessarily interested in buying artwork, but most importantly they allow artists to retain the rights to their artwork. A copyright law is attached to it, protecting artist from theft. The copyright helps artists to keep a safe and good understanding of selling their works to people of all sorts of income levels and in a way to save money. As an artist, you can do this with no fees or registration or tax or anything. The artist keeps the rights, and as an artist you get to keep a lot of money to do what you do best, creating art. I also feel that it is important to state, an ArtMoney Series in general can bring money to an artist. For example, even if a current series does not sell anything a collector will come and you can sell some series’ even if you are not doing any more work, because they have money to spend. It is a way for an artist to get income that you didn’t previously have the know how to manage. It is an income source that can put you on a path to creating your next great piece.

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ArtMoney is a non-interest alternative, digital, money system that allows artists and collectors to take ownership of their artworks or purchase others through a secure and confidential transaction process.

If you think that the crisis of credit institutions is more of a global issue you are right. The world of artmoney may help to understand and confront the reality of our time. Artmoney, as an alternative currency, is a way to balance the current situation and change the basis of our society. Artmoney may bring back the joy of giving and taking and let us assume that art is a gift from the universe and not the property of millionaires.

Artmoney is an alternative currency which means that it is an investment which is outside of conventional money systems. This means in practice that you cannot exchange money into art and vice versa. Artmoney is an independent currency which only works within the frame of the project.

Artmoneyworks according to an exchange economy – For each piece of art you choose you buy an amount of artmoney. The artist receives the amount of artmoney he produces in return for the work. The artist decides how he wants to spend artmoney.

Artmoneyis a tool for power and equality. Anyone may use it to do things, which are currently restricted to the rich and powerful. The project in general inspires creative thought and discussion on values, our current situation and takes sides on how we should live.

Artmoneymay help to change the basis of our society, with its small pieces of artwork. Its project and philosophy is open-ended, based on human relations. The artmoney is simply the smallest paper in the universe, which is worth a great deal.

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Main benefits of ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP

Main benefits of ArtMoney 8.12.1  Pro VIP

Once you play enough, you’re going to go look up some tutorials on how to do this. It’s really simple. ArtMoney will download large files at a certain time interval. The files can be as small as 6 or 7 kilobytes, while some are bigger. It’s also unclear how exactly the program picks the file to download. A popular argument is that the program generates a random number, which means you have little to no control over what file is downloaded. The alternative is that the file picks itself. Regardless, it’s recommended to log on to your own computer, as your internet provider might block the program.

ArtMoney Lite is as simple as the name implies. It is as bare-bones as possible. There is no uninstall, no manual cleanup, no system requirements. Not much in the way of configuration, which most people will not need. Players can directly go to ArtMoney Lite and decide if they want to install ArtMoney Pro. The user can then decide which memory addresses to manually adjust. For example, they can choose to adjust the health level. Once that is done, the program will prompt the player to download art from ArtMoney Pro. This will take about 20 to 30 minutes.

This program is a lot more powerful, though. As ArtMoney Lite doesn’t provide too many helpful features, ArtMoney Pro is all about that. However, this version is just as barebones as it’s Lite counterpart. Essentially, players can select their quantity values, right-click on the memory addresses and then choose from a series of options, such as Delete Value, Change Value and Add Value. ArtMoney Pro will then ask the player if they want to download more art. The dialog box is misleading. The user sees “Download more art” right away, however, the entire process will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Unlike ArtMoney Lite, ArtMoney Pro will force players to download new art every 20 to 30 minutes.

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ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP Features

ArtMoney 8.12.1  Pro VIP Features

  • Double the value of your art. The value of your piece in the online gallery is doubled each time we sell a painting.
  • Upload up to 10 pieces of art to ArtMoney for free. Every new painting you submit is automatically being sold on the market. There are no limits to how many you can upload.
  • Get a reputation score. Increase your reputation score by creating high value paintings. Your reputation score depends on how much your paintings sell for in the gallery.
  • Watch the value of your art double. ArtMoney adds daily to your value the more paintings you sell, until you reach the market value. For each painting sold, the value of your piece will double.
  • Work faster. ArtMoney allows you to create several versions of a painting with different titles and prices, so you can move on to the next painting while you wait for feedback on the first one. Customize the prices for each of your paintings.

What’s new in ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP

  • Optimization, fixes and improvements
  • AI selection operator
  • Very small increase in the error rate with the new AI of over 98%.

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