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If youre looking for a light tool for the video people in your life, PowerDVD from CyberLink may just be it. This is a departure for CyberLink, which historically has packed its PowerDVD software with lots of functions that would be best for those who need to go through and manipulate video. This newest version is better focused on the type of work youre doing: just putting content on a disc or streaming it off a website. And there are no feature additions that I could discern. Its a better deal for those who simply want a DVD disc tool that can handle what theyre doing. I hope youre reading this.

By version 18, PowerDVD was the go-to program in the DVBR-XK05 series of Blu-ray drives. Its loss of the DVD features sent us to competing Blu-ray products, but it also gave us a Blu-ray player that could handle the work we were doing. While the drive supports the SHG profile 1.1, which gives it a slight advantage, it can emulate the profile for playback on devices without the capability. To set the drive up to use the feature, enable Audio/Video Recording during setup and everything will be fine. A firmware update is currently in the works that will enable this profile on all drives.

PowerDVD works with all major DVD movie formats and will convert files to the formats you need for playback. The core feature that sets it apart from other DVD players is its ability to import and play commercial DVDs without the use of copy protection. Any DVD region or disc information can be set up to automatically identify itself, though this takes a few minutes. While its the same name as the software, DVD Player Plus will not perform an automatic index on any DVD or DVD video disc. The player recognizes discs that have been scanned by the software, but wont import them until manually triggered. But because it does, it is the most comprehensive player of them all.

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PowerDVD 20 Ultra is very impressive. The interface is a particularly good starting point because it introduces features that can make your computer easier and more convenient to use. PowerDVD streams TV shows and movies to an HDTV, for instance. It provides an easy way to set it up, too, using the local network. The TV mode is entirely automatic. That means a breeze, but there are things you can set up yourself, too, to make it even easier. You can choose what’s on the TV, for instance, and it will offer options for favorites, programs, people, and so on. You can set up your TV as your source of movie or video for the next session using settings that let you schedule a show and record it automatically. The software also has built-in support for 3D discs, 4K, and Blu-ray. For a more extensive set of features, this comes with a $30 purchase option called Live TV.

PowerDVD is another great Windows media player that costs a little more than some of its competitors. It’s not a bargain, but it’s all you need for most of your DVD and Blu-ray needs. This version includes improvements for the latest versions of Windows, video features such as 4K Ultra HD and HDR, and newer codecs such as HEVC.

Download CyberLink PowerDVD Pro Ultra 2018 is a great investment for those looking for excellent Windows software for playing DVDs. PowerDVD Pro is a bit more expensive than some other competitors, but it has a ton of very powerful features.

PowerDVD Pro offers four levels of functionality. The top (Ultra) edition, the only one reviewed here, is offered for $99.95. It includes the features already described, plus the option to display 4K content on your desktop, and customize the view mode.

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CyberLink PowerDVD’s main advantage is that it can open all file formats including MP3, FLAC, and OGG files. This version of the software also has improved audio features. The audio player supports files in WAV format and supports standard PC sound cards as well. CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra is also able to play CDs and Blu-Ray discs.

CyberLink PowerDVD is an application that allows you to manage DVDs, convert multimedia files and burn discs and stream movies from the internet. With an extensive database of movies for purchase and online streaming, you can get all of your movie needs covered. You can even customize the interface and there is a safe search function for when you are watching a film with children.

When you play a disc, you will also have the option to convert a copy of the movie to high-def video on your PC.

This software is effectively the catalyst that will give all of the other components of a home theater system such as a Blu-ray player, gaming console, streaming box, etc. the ability to play all of the video content that is stored on any of these devices, including those videos from a mobile device. So instead of having to transfer video from your phone to your home theater, you can just bring the audio-visual experience straight to your TV with CyberLink PowerDVD.

Powerful Content Management – Store & Play AnythingPowerDVD Central is where you can create and manage, play and burn content. Play all your video, audio and image files from virtually anywhere. The central dashboard is easy to navigate and organize your content by genre and by rating. It also has an album browser that allows you to browse your disc collection in a similar way to iTunes.
Create & Play Your Own DiscsPowerDVD Central allows you to add images, music, videos, and subtitles to all of your discs as you create them.

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • Enhanced 720p/1080p playback support for 8K and 4K media, including YouTube videos.
  • Content-aware blur from YouTube videos now supported.
  • Add-on library of interactive apps in the CyberLink PowerDVD Store for customization of features of PowerDVD.
  • New playback and encoding capabilities
  • New and enhanced navigation buttons
  • New “synchronize now” button for playback and re-synchronize during playback.
  • Content protection, including advanced digital rights management (DRM) and data scrambling, is enabled by default.
  • Web security protection and secure digital rights management (SDRM) security options are added. A built-in web browser improves the playback experience.
  • Enhanced UI of page panel to filter content based on categories
  • Support for HTML5 website streaming
  • Support for the latest MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video standard

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Experience a professional visual effect
  • Gain a far wider viewing experience and access multimedia content with dual full HD displays
  • Enjoy premium sound and superior connectivity with 4K UHD TVs
  • View, edit and create content with ease with the intuitive interface
  • Accelerate video playback with the most powerful decoding engine

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