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All of the utilities in Gary Utilities Pro can be used separately or in conjunction with each other. The application automatically detects and recognizes every program that’s installed on your PC and does a wonderful job of cleaning up your PC. For example, it can effortlessly identify software that you’ve uninstalled but have saved in the registry, as well as software that is uninstalled, but has not been unregistered. There’s also the option of scheduling a couple of clean-up sessions each month.

There is a small fee of $39.99 annually to own Glary Utilities Pro, which is a small price to pay for the simple task of cleaning up your system. And if the Glary Utilities Pro license expires, you’ll be notified and can purchase a new license at a significant discount. But if you’re careful with your PC, the Glary Utilities Free license might be enough for you to work with.

Once Glary Utilities Pro runs, you have the option of tweaking a handful of system settings. Although the program isn’t designed as an all-in-one system-tuning solution, you can specify a schedule for periodic defragmentation, clean up deleted documents, and perform a deeper scan with the Advanced System Options function. You can create a custom schedule using My Recurring Tasks, which are those steps that you execute regularly. You can access the My Recurring Tasks list by clicking the Setup button (it’s in the tools menu), then choosing the My Recurring Tasks tab. As with all tools, this feature is limited to your free licenses. A section of the utility’s Help file clarifies that “Each license is valid for one computer only.”

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Personally, I really like a lot of the Glary Utilities Pro features. From the speed of the tool to the fact that it has a built-in spyware remover, it can be a great place to start for those that arent quite sure where to go next. If a tool doesnt seem to be doing what its supposed to do for you, Glary Utilities Pro will give you a quick introduction to what it can do and what you can do to help. So if you’re looking for a handy and reasonably priced piece of software, or are tired of the bundled adware found elsewhere, why not try Cracked Glary Utilities Pro?

One of the things that PC-related software authors dont do enough is present you with a review of the software. It might seem like a good idea, but as a reviewer, you have to watch the software behaving itself. This means removing all traces of it from the computer you are reviewing and removing system files to see if the software is causing problems. Theres really no need for this sort of thing to happen as many programs are designed in a way that means that if you have troubles, you can just uninstall them. However, if you need to know about certain problems from a software review perspective, you may find yourself taking a step down the road to becoming a software tester yourself. Anyone who has installed and used Glary Utilities on their PC will be more than satisfied with the results, so they wont need to look any further.

Glary Utilities Pro is a useful tool for troubleshooting any sort of problem your system may have. Although its marketing tagline states that it is for workstation users, I think its still very usable for laptops as well, although it focuses on pro features like the ability to search your file system and remote connectivity. Its UI is clean and responsive – the buttons are large enough to be easy to click even with gloves on – and the help screen is very good. Overall, it is a good quality package that doesnt offer too much but keeps the user in control of where the data goes and offers an out-of-the-box experience. It may not be very configurable for those who want to tweak their system, but it will allow you to mess around with a few settings and, if you arent too tech-savvy, get straight back into the game. If you love free software and are a Glary user, you should stay with it.

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Glary Utilities Review

Glary Utilities Review

Glary Utilities is a useful app, but its not the best application we have reviewed. Its strengths are in system maintenance and security rather than general tuning, and as such it may not be the best option for those who want to speed up their computer without having to reinstall Windows. While the startup manager is good at identifying and recording the timings of all the applications that start up, it doesnt adjust the settings to remove unnecessary services or application services from loading at startup. The Recycle Bin manager shows the full file structure of your computer and shows what the file sizes are, making it easy to remove temporary files, but does so using a confusing and inconvenient method, closing the app and then immediately opening Glary Utilities in order to save the files you just deleted. While the functions we tested for this review did work quickly, they’re all the basics, and theres no easy way to add functionality that will improve the users experience such as a system speed test or file shredding tools.

Glary Utilities is a free system utility that gets to the root of many Windows problems. It takes a few minutes to install and scan your system, and then youll be able to analyse it. If its not picked up on the first pass, Glary Utilities can then remove it for you. If it is found, you can either remove the threat from your PC, or specify a scan time and receive a progress update over the next few days. Once this is done, theres also a Clean Up function that scrubs the files from all five drives on your PC, making Glary Utilities a useful, well-rounded package.

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What’s new in Glary Utilities

  • Minor UI updates
  • Resize any image, not just jpeg
  • Advanced image editing
  • All of your old settings carried over
  • New preferences screen
  • All of your old plug-ins saved
  • All of your old features carried over
  • Increase the productivity of your PC
  • Removes computer dust
  • Minor performance improvement
  • Improved uninstall
  • Minor bug fixes

Glary Utilities Features

Glary Utilities Features

  • Junk file cleaner
  • Tools for increasing system security
  • Lightweight applications cleaner
  • System Utilities for finding and repairing various problems
  • Clean-up tools for my computer
  • Optimizers for Windows
  • System Speedup Tools
  • Online system tool

Glary Utilities Pro Version Serial Code


Glary Utilities Pro Version Serial Number

  • JINPT-00VGB-XU3M6-VG415-S1SH1-OSL88

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