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Все данные датируются используемой версией ОС (Windows, Linux и MacOS или Unix), последние майнданаки и версии аппаратной программы, как и выбранную версию MapInfo. Самообменное и возможное функционирование не распространяется на игнорных объектах.

GIS Connectivity: Easily map disparate databases and other GIS data sources directly, export to MapInfo as coverage, track data items within a set of spatial relationships, setup data conversion rules, connect to any GIS server and server software, create map layers from downloaded imagery and satellite data, design your own custom-branded maps and layers, control the level of detail at which your data is displayed

MapInfo Pro 17.0.319 is an excellent YouTube and video downloader that allows to make a video from an Internet page. It converts an HTML site into a format that can be played on your MP4, iPod, Xbox, Zune or PSP video player. If you are looking for other free alternatives, we recommend you to download Ummy Video Downloader or YT Free Downloader. Theres also a Ummy Video Downloader version for Mac, too. You can tune your Integrated Mapping application to force MapInfo automatically send information to your client program.

Today a lot of data is kept in a variety of proprietary formats. The most popular, access databases, are designed to store only a small amount of information. Many popular file formats, however, excel, dbase, and even as a vector file are much more general purpose formats that are designed to store any data. One reason why these file formats are so successful is that they have already been built around the processing of specific information. To work with this data, MapInfo Solve Maps to Multiple Database Formats: MapInfo (TAB) Interoperability Problems with FME
Change and exchange data efficiently and conveniently, solving interoperability problems

MapInfo (TAB) Interoperability Problems with FME

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Moreover, MapInfo is a reliable and flexible solution for all your utility needs, enterprise planning, and archiving. From creating building plans to computer-aided design and development, MapInfo has the functionality and versatility to do it all.

Chile 3D is the site that to get all of your 3D information. Buildable is an area that gives you the tools to create and modify 3D environments using a simple, drag and drop interface. Built with MapInfo v17.0.5.9.

The major change within the latest MapInfo Professional release is the integration with FME.

It was formerly a requirement that the user had to have their input data saved as TAB files with “TAB” as the extension.

We have been included the consideration of several completely new options regarding the statistical processing of your data. All the functions included are part of the normal MapInfo processing.

Maps created using the tools in MapInfo are georeferenced by the program, which allows you to save georeferenced images with their accurate coordinates to a folder or to a database. If your images are saved in a georeferencing format, use the following steps to export them to MapInfo:

Pixel coordinates can be input and saved into the database using the Geospatial Tools in MapInfo using a row or a column heading. These coordinates are often referred as geo-coordinates. Georeferenced coordinates are referred as geocoded coordinates.

In this article, a brief introduction of the Esri and MapInfo is given to describe the basic concept of the ArcGIS and MapInfo. Also, a quick review is given to appreciate the features of ArcGIS and MapInfo.

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Who Uses MapInfo Pro and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses MapInfo Pro and Why Is It Important?

With MapInfo Pro Full Versionfessional v16.0, you can now apply geospatial visual filters in both the Map and Raster visual editors. Visual filters simplify tasks such as managing layers by enabling you to create your own custom filters based on filter criteria that you select. This feature saves precious user time when creating map outputs such as print layouts.

Vintage Zemialist: For the first time ever, the new and improved Zemialist feature of MapInfo Pro 16.0 includes the ability to upload and import your own personal maps or map sets from a wide array of GIS formats. With the new release, you can open, view, and print maps created by many different vector and raster source formats, including Google Earth, 3D Warehouse, Bing Maps, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Map Service, MapServer and a wide range of other formats. With these new features, GIS users no longer need to open the same files repeatedly to find the data they need for their business or personal projects.

The Business Of Business: With MapInfo Pro v16.0, you can view all available business and personal maps in the Zemialist and search Zemialist maps by attributes in any order. All map attributes are displayed as a tabulated list including spatial information as well as attribute information. This feature creates a convenient, searchable list for all Maps in the Zemialist for faster and more organized access to all your geospatial data.

Get It Done Faster: Another improvement of MapInfo Pro v16.0 is the ability to generate maps for all open maps simultaneously. This function will save you from the traditional tedium of waiting for one map to load while generating a second map for the same or an additional workspace. Now you can work with multiple workspaces and generate maps for as many open maps as you need in one go.

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MapInfo Pro Features

MapInfo Pro Features

  • Simultaneous Layers: A new layer control lets you manipulate all open layers.
  • Multiple Workspaces: A redesigned layer control lets you edit all current map layers in any map or workspace.
  • Edit Layers: A redesigned layer control lets you edit all open map layers
  • New Working Environment: A new working environment lets you see, manipulate and preview all current map layers.
  • Arc GIS Content: You can now use ESRI ArcGIS content, such as WMS, WFS and FTP, in MapInfo. This lets you share MapInfo maps with ArcGIS users.
  • Advanced Search: You can now perform advanced searches on featured or selected layers with criteria that include date, value, and percentage of coverage.

MapInfo Pro System Requirements

  • Windows® XP / Windows Vista or later
  • Java® 6 update 19 or later

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