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A traditional painting application, Paint 3Ds canvas shows you artboard, layer, and work-space management, as well as brushes, color pickers, and selections.You can change almost all the properties of the selection directly, orfrom the properties panel. Of course, if you need to edit the selection or define afiner artboard, you can always select the arrow in the top right corner of the canvas to bring up the tools in theTools menu. For details about editing the selection with brushes and material or with Paint 3D specific tools, please refer to our Exploring 3D drawing with Inkscape and Sketch 3D tutorial series.

Unlike regular Paint, youll find a plethora of 3D tools in the 3D panel, and the built-in shortcuts may not always make sense. In fact, most use the default, which brings up a small 3D preview window, which can be useful for deciding which brushes you want to use or for getting an idea of the 3D models youre creating.

When you have a 3D scene open, youll notice that Paint 3D basically lets you paint in 3D. There are 3 main tools here, a brush, a pencil, and a fill. All 3 of these tools can take a 3D shape that you select, and the shape that youselect for these tools can be modified with the options in the 3D panel, or in the Options menu. To use these 3 tools, select them in the top-right corner of the canvas, and move your mouse around in the 3D view to modify the shape.

The brush is easy to understand; it creates a shape that you can move around and resize, as long as you click on the 3D preview window or in the 3D view to activate the shape. In order to change the brush, simply click on it and drag it to where you want to paint. The pencil is more akin to the brush than a normal brush, with the brush preview highlighted as usual, but instead of painting with a normal brush, it paints with the pencil. The pencil forces you to move the shape you create with it around, but it also changes the color to black and white.

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Painting a 3D model often times requires the user to make some careful decisions about lighting, color and other things. And in order to achieve a good looking design, they will often need to plan out things in advance. The Paint 3D app gives you some tools to do just that. Select the four different elements paint bucket, pixel pen, oil brush and crayon to stylize and add color to your designs. The pixel pen allows you to precisely select pixels within the model to add elements. The oil paint brush is the most powerful brush in the app. With it, you can fill or remove entire parts of the model with ease.

The other new feature in Paint 3D is the ability to import 3D models from the web. Simply find a site that offers 3D model files, and load them into the app. A few programs like Marvelous Designer or Autodesk Showcase will do the hard work of converting the model into a cross-compatible format that the Paint 3D app can use. While the app does not actually give you the files to edit, it does give you a preview of the model, and lets you view it in 3D. This feature allows you to customise your 3D models, and instantly view them as 3D models in the app.

A few other new things you can do in Paint 3D is create folders for your designs, export your designs as.svg files, and create a JSON (yes, you read that right) file. Creating a 3D design is a complex process and knowing that the application does all the work for you means you need not do anything more than designing. The thing that makes this application great is that it really doesn’t let you use any additional tool aside from what is available within it. And that is just what makes it, a tool for every designer.

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Paint 3D Features

Paint 3D Features

Eyes, ears, and so on are 3D shapes; theyre done by dragging the 3D blue shapes tool to fill a space. If you drag up into the sky, for instance, Paint 3D will use a gradient to fill in the shape. If theres only a straight, vertical wall to fill, a line will appear in the shape. And if theres an empty space, an outline will be displayed. What happens when you click on a filled shape? The shape becomes an outline. This means you can use it as an invisible shape to intersect with other shapes or if you want to flatten the shape to a 2D image of its own. If you wish to have the original shape visible, just click it again.

Whats strange about Paint 3D is that it includes a paintable photo, i.e., a photo that you can draw on. Paint 3D automatically detects the correct coloring for the picture and fills in the rest of the image. This could be great for tricking your friends into thinking you spent a month painting while you were out.

You can also use Paint 3D Nulled to paint the empty canvas in a photo. The video below shows how you can paint over a still from the background in a photo, completing the work of, say, a professional photographer. Youll find the other magic tools after watching the video below.

Not all of Paint 3D’s features are perfect, of course. Its not a Photoshop app, so some of the higher-end features may be out of reach for beginners. Youre limited to a basic selection tool and masking options. As a general rule, you select a portion of the image, then mask it out, allowing only the desired region to remain. Give me a Photoshop alternative!

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Paint 3D Features

  • Up to full layers of paint
  • Create paint strokes with varying opacity
  • Paint with a brush, paint with a pen
  • Create custom bunny ears

Paint 3D System Requirements

Paint 3D System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Virtuix VX20 Joystick and Xbox360 Controller
  • 3d sound
  • 2GB RAM

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