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You will like this upgrade if you are looking for something that is easy to understand. And if you are also looking for an easy software to transfer your contacts, music, and more, you found a perfect software. For Android it is, those users who have a bad compatibility with your device will not have a problem with this one. And for PC users, you need to download PhoneTrans Pro Crack.

If you want to transfer the data from the iPhone, then you must have to download phoneTrans Pro Crack. Well, for those users who use iPhone always and want to delete all the data that is related to iOS then you can download PhoneTrans Pro Lifetime Version Crack.

PhoneTrans Pro is a professional software for those users who want to merge the data between different devices. This software is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. PhoneTrans Pro offers for users to transfer data from iPhone, iPad to android or vice versa.

Well, for those users who have ever heard of iphone, then you must have it in your mind. So, you may know that how to make data transfer. But if you have an Apple iPhone, then you can download PhoneTrans Pro from below link. As well as you are watching the above statement.

Well, for those users who want to import data from iTunes library and also want to transfer the data from one PC to another, this software is the best solution for them. For those who have an iTunes Library and want to convert it to the usable format for their smartphone then you must take this software, it is the best and best of all. You just have to download PhoneTrans Pro As well as you are watching the above statement.

PhoneTrans Pro Latest Release With Crack Download

PhoneTrans Pro is the latest version of the PhoneTransonl smartphone and tablet file transfer and backup software developed especially for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to enjoy a free migration from Android and iOS, with a one-click super speed transferring process and zero data loss. No matter you want to move everything in one click or just certain data you need, and no matter you want to 1:1 clone data and settings of your previous phone to the new one or merge the content of two phones, it goes as you like, easily and immediately. You can directly transfer data and content from the old phone to the new one, including audio, photos, messages, contacts, WhatsApp, Google Photos and more.

1. Download PhoneTrans Pro in either of the following ways: a. Directly download the latest PhoneTrans Pro from b. Or, scan the QR code and follow the instructions on your screen.

Just Connect as You Like. With the seamless and universal data transfer feature PhoneTrans Portable comes with, everything goes as you like. From camera roll to messages, contacts to music, videos, apps, bookmarks and more, PhoneTrans Pro allows you to directly copy all your data from phone to phone, and no data has to be overwritten. You may also connect to the Web to transfer photos and videos from webcams. It’s simple and easy, without the hassle of additional setups.

Just Wait a Bit. PhoneTrans Pro comes with an auto screen off mode which can save battery life, and it allows your new device to automatically connect to its old device to transfer the most important data, which includes call history, contacts and messages. It automatically saves all important data, so it is convenient for you to migrate and continue the use of the new device without losing the most important information. Moreover, the whole process is so quick that you are almost invisible!

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Who Uses PhoneTrans Pro and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses PhoneTrans Pro and Why Is It Important?

It is the right time to get PhoneTrans Pro if you want to conveniently backup your data. PhoneTrans Pro is the ultimate solution to backup and restore data without the need to download different tools. What You will get: 1. Simultaneously backs up the entire content of your phone to a remote server 2. The feature to convert backup data to a different format for any device, like transferring iPhone WhatsApp files to Android Phone 3. Saves your iTunes backup files to a remote server before the backup, which keeps your data safe.

Back up for Android phones & tablets In addition, PhoneTrans backs up for Android, but you need an Android device to use PhoneTrans, not the iOS one, as we cant backup data for iPhones. So now PhoneTrans can protect your iPhone backups on a PC instead. Get your free copy now.

Back up for backups (new format version) In addition, PhoneTrans changes the format of the backup, enabling you to restore backups easily on multiple devices at once. To get a backup, simply select which backup source you want to use (Online data backup, iTunes backup, Phone backup, photo backup, playlist backup, book backup, calendar backup, and so on). You need PhoneTrans to extract the backup files with very high compatibility. You can even extract all backup sources from your online or computer backup.

Restore for Android phones & tablets In addition, PhoneTrans restores the backup easily on multiple devices at once, just the way you want. PhoneTrans can back up the iPhone backups to Android or an Android phone. In this way, your iPhone content will be transferred to your Android phone conveniently. You can also restore an iTunes backup to iPhone or an Android phone without the hassle of iTunes.

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PhoneTrans Pro System Requirements

  • Requires iOS 8.0
  • Requires Android 4.3
  • Requires Android + iOS 8.0 (iOS 5.1 and Android 4.3)
  • Requires Android + iOS 8.0 (iOS 5.0 and Android 4.2)

PhoneTrans Pro Features

PhoneTrans Pro Features

  • Android/iOS version
  • Compatibility
  • PhoneType
  • Multi versions
  • iOS/Android

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